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The Art Of Understanding Light

There are many ways you could use light to photograph food that will change the way our images look. In my case and as in most of my photo works natural light is the mean key light. But a good photograph is about the art of understanding light regardless of the type of lighting.

When we’re photographing food we have to think as we would any other subject or person. Most images can be improved drastically if we use the light in a right way. I usually shoot food in open air or if I’m trying to give an indoor atmosphere I photograph by a window what helps me a lot using natural light and probably helped by a flash to give more balanced lighting. This gives a a natural looking and also will help to balance shadows.

By using a correct lighting and by undertansding it we ensure high quality images ready to be properly enhanced when editing the final image and the most important is that we don’t need a lot of lighting equipment or a big place to work. We usually shoot at client’s home and before the shooting we make sure we’ll have a natural light window but if this is not the case…don’t panic!! with just one flash and a piece of white foam board on the opposite side of the light source we’ll be able to fill in the shadows and have a tottaly different and improved image and therefore also the contrast will be under control.

No matter what kind of food we are shooting just keep in mind the light you want in that images and by changing the camera position we’ll change the way the look. The art of understanding light will approach our clients to our style food photography.

The images used for this post are from our latest food photography shooting using just a natural light window.

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