My name is Julia
And this is my story

An unfiltered look

Inspired by the Great Masters of painting, I succeeded in manipulating light at my will to create atmospheres that have little in common with current conventional images.

Both the context as well as the adult human figure became a long-time cornerstone during my professional development though my obsession with capturing an unfiltered, social-labelling free look made me move a game piece and, at that moment, I started working with children realizing that my work required veering the steering wheel to focus solely and exclusively on child portraits.

Protagonists of a Unique Story

Since then, I’m completely dedicated to child portraits that tell the story of fiction characters having children as their protagonists thus creating the best self-styling images within a unique context and staging among timelessness, pictorialness and surrealism that transport to another world where your child is the main character of his/her story.



Makeup Artist and Stylist

Everything goes round a fiction character who tells us, through images, his/her adventure in a surreal world.

Makeup and hairdressing are vital to perfectly characterize our story’s protagonist.



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