Every Great Story
has its Beginning

The key ingredients to turn a conventional photo shooting into a great story in which your child is a protagonist starts by developing a Storyboard with a binding thread in a unique language told through images.

Staging should fit to perfection so that ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The Character

Everything goes round a fiction character who tells us, through images, his/her adventure in a surreal world. Makeup and hairdressing are vital to perfectly characterize our story’s protagonist.

The Scene

Details count in every scene and they get orchestrated in such a way that you dive deep into an imaginary space. Lightening provides the light shades necessary to create the atmosphere, an exclusive staging and outdoor localizations that fit each story thus turning the session into something unique.

Wardrobe and accessories are key elements for perfect staging and they play a fundamental role into the character’s profiling and definition. This creativeness draws us into another age and grants our protagonist meaning into the narrative.

The Magic

Magic unfolds among pixels by retouching and granting self-styling to each session photo. There’s no randomness, everything gets studied in detail so that each image becomes a unique piece.

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